9 World class attractions

Spider Tower

If you are a bi-ped, are warm-blooded, and like a good dino-challenge, this course is for you!

Souvenir Shop

Take home a grrrreat souvenir to remember your day of adventure!

Toddler Play Area

Fun, Preful challenges for your Dino Toddler. Socks are required in this exciting area!

Mammal Ball Pool

Ball Pool - Keep away from those Iguanodons and chomp into this customizable bite of entertainment!

Super Slides

Going down – need to escape fast? Put your arms up to Slide Faster and evade the T-Rex!

Jurassic Soft Play

Soft-Play Apparatus and padded surfaces provide Giant indoor amusement that is safe and appropriate when eluding triceratops.

Godzilla Games

A Stegosaurus challenge: on-the-wall games so your little paleontologists show they are smarter than a T-Rex.

Donut Slide

Kids will slide away from those voracious quadrupeds downhill in a secure, Dino-strengthened “donut”.

Pterodactyl Cafe

Hungry? Feed your voracious appetite with one of our delicious pizzas and a variety of scrumptious snacks.

Safety Socks image
Security check

Got Socks?

Why is it required that all guest enjoying the large play structure in Madison, Tennessee, to wear specific Lost Worlds Dinotopia socks?

Because our policy requires that all guests wear specific, non-slip socks sold only at Lost Worlds Dinotopia to prevent any injuries from slip and falls. To assure that the socks meet our standards, we can’t allow socks from other facilities. We take seriously the responsibility to do our best to keep you safe. So, SOCK ON!